The ETP Shipyard counts with 5000 m² of area designated for building, integration, tests and commissioning of aluminum and steel vessels, offshore modules and subsea equipment.

With a long-term partnership with RENAVE, ETP has the capacity to extendits construction and dock areas according to each project requirement.

  • 1100 m² Warehouse
  • 68 m long Dock
  • 83 x 26 m Longitudinal launching slip way
  • Administrative building with capacity for 400 people
  • 5 t Overhead travelling crane
  • 50 t +25 t Gantry
  • 30 t + 5t Gantry over the panel and assembly workshop
  • 40 t Portable Crane, crane on 9 t wheels, 5 t forklift, 3 trucks and 1 pickup truck
  • Over 100 GMAW welding machines
  • Office, cafeteria and locker room for 400 people


With 24740m² of area, ETP Industry is designated for the following activities:

  • Manufacturing of blocks, spools and fittings for aluminum and steel vessels
  • Manufacturing of offshore modules and subsea equipment
  • Manufacturing of metallic structures
  • Treatment, painting and processing of plates, profiles and tubes
  • Automatic spools manufacturing
  • Numerical cuttingof aluminum and steel plates
  • Storage of materials, equipment and others.

For that, ETP counts with the following infrastructure:

  • 13716m² warehouse
  • Administrative building with capacity for 300 people
  • 1650m² area for storage of plates, spools and materials
  • Treatment and painting machine for plates and profiles
  • Automatic pipe manufacturing machine
  • 2x plasma cutting machines
  • Panels line with semiautomatic and submerged arc welding machines
  • Over 100 GMAW welding machines
  • Full machining workshop
  • Electrostatic painting system
  • 6x 5t cranes
  • 4x 10t cranes
  • 2x 20t cranes
  • 1x 30t + 15t crane
  • 1x 10t semi gantry
  • 10x 1t derrick boom
  • 7x 5t electric cars
  • 5t and 10t forklifts, cart and low bed semitrailer for heavy duty to transport blocks
  • Recreation area with barbecue grill and soccer field


ETP has a office with 200 m² with the following facilities:

  • 30 work stations with computer, internet and phone
  • Meeting rooms for 20 people with videoconference equipment